kube_secrets_encode - your friend when dealing with Kubernetes Secrets

If you haven't come across Kubernetes, I suggest just looking at some of the many resources available online for it, but if you do and have dealt with secrets, then you'll have come across a niggling issue when defining configurations. Kubernetes Secrets are configured with the secret data being base64 »

Mocking devise zxcvbn gem

devise_zxcvbn is a devise plugin that allows you to check the entropy of passwords as they are set by a user. There are a number of benefits to this, but we won't go into that here, theres a great post on this over at dropbox zxcvbn: realistic password strength »

Active Model Serializers, should be in your API Toolkit!

When building an an API, the consumer (the developer) doesn't have any visual queues in order how to user your application, so, if they are not to solely rely on documentation, your interface needs to be intuitive. One way to get far with this is to be consistent in the »

Kops - Kubernetes Operations...

Kops is a tool for building a Kubernetes cluster in Amazon Web Services. Here is what my experience was and how I got started. First thing to understand when starting out is the difference between kops and kubectl. kops is the tool to create the objects in AWS in order »

Postman; Variables and Scripts

I've been working with postman for the past couple months while developing an api only Ruby on Rails application. We've been using shared teams in order to distribute changes and updates to the api as it grew. We've found massive value in both variables and scripts within postman. Variables Most »

Its the little things

One of the most satisfying feelings as a software developer is when you come across an elegant solution to a complicated problem. I was trying to distill down the statuses of the many side of a 1 to many relationship so that the 1 side indicated the overall status of »